More Planting at Children’s Time

Today at Children’s Time we took a story walk around our library park area and talked about spring time and how the grass is turning from brown to green and the trees are budding!  We learned about the process of starting a garden or planting flowers and how it takes  water and sunshine to help our seeds grow.  Miss Denise read us the books, “The Carrot Seed” and “Growing Vegetable Soup.”  We each got to try a carrot and later some cauliflower and broccoli.  Later, we gathered around  in groups and planted carrots and radishes in two big pots!  We are excited to see our seeds from last week’s planting sprout!  Now, we will have to return to the library to see how our new seeds are coming along!  This wonderful program was a part of our Health Literacy grant made possible through the Oklahoma Department of Libraries and the Institute of Museum of Library Services.