Behavior in the Library

Behavior Policy

The Beaver County Pioneer Library wants its library to be a place where staff and patrons are secure. A public library is for such as reading, research and study. The library staff is ahere to assure the safety of the Library’s customers and staff. No one will be allowed to engage in behavior that disturbs others.

The Library Board authorizes the staff to prepare guidelines for behavior within the library and to enforce the guidelines. The guidelines will include the possibility of temporary or permanent removal of borrowers who are disruptive, dangerous or rude.

Library staff members should not hesitate to call for police or sheriff’s assistance if the feel the need.

Under Library Rules & Guidelines the items below are prohibited:

  • Eating or drinking in the computer area
  • Use of tobacco products
  • Use of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Use of any tobacco product including smoking and electronic cigarettes in the building. Smoking is permitted twenty-five (25) feet from the building door. Oklahoma Clean Indoor Air Act.
  • Pets within the Library
  • Inadequate attire (shoes, shirts, etc…)
  • Loud disruptive behavior
  • Harassing or threatening behavior, whether staff or other members of the public
  • Damaging or destroying, or unlawfully removing library material or property
  • Leaving children unattended
  • Weapons or explosives of any kind
  • Playing audio or video equipment so that others are disturbed.

If the offense is serious or frequent, the Library will enforce its rules by asking the individual (s) to leave library property or call law enforcement for help.

Package Control

To assure the safety of the Library’s customers and staff, it is necessary to prevent anyone from bringing a weapon, a bomb, or other harmful things into the building. The policy on package control is designed to prohibit such items from being brought in while allowing customers as much freedom as possible.

The staff on duty at the circulation desk will observe persons coming into the Library and determine if items they are bringing in are allowable.

Allowable: Book bags, diaper bags, brief cases, purses, shopping bags…

Not allowed: guns, baseball bats, gun cases, knives or anything else that looks like a serious weapon.

Customers that are attempting to bring in non-allowable items, staff will immediately advise the customers of the policies.