Adult Exercise and Wellness Program 2022

Beginning Sept. 21, 2021 adult exercise classes will be held at the Beaver County Library each Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 a.m. till 11:00 a.m. Great way to help reduce stress and anxiety and help increase flexibility and balance. Everyone 20 yrs. and up are welcome to attend.

There was a presentation January 13, 2022 by Sara Williams, Physical Therapist, covering the benefits of exercise on the cardiovascular and benefits of aerobic exercise.

February 22nd Adult Exercise and Wellness Class added The Step as a part of the routine.

March Adult Exercise class discussed healthier snacks and drinks. They were served infused Blueberry Water and Protein Power Balls at the end of their class.

Adult exercise class used the One Step today. After the class they enjoyed cucumber infused water, ham & turkey wraps.

Exercise class was given by Sara Williams, Physical Therapist, she went over Daily Heart Healthy Exercises and handed out a list of twenty exercises that can be done at home.

April 12 – the class did several exercises using the step and enjoyed Protein Power snacks and orange infused water.

April 26 – The class used the Step and also sitting down stretches. After class they enjoyed lemon infused water and protein power balls.

May 5: We had a good group today for the Adult Health and Wellness exercise class. Lots of stretching exercises and finishing class with lemon infused water.