Story Time 2022

Story Time at the Library

February 16th story time at the library was attended by 6 children. They learned the science of mixing colors. They also learned to follow instruction with music.

March has brought in more children to enjoy story time. They are learning colors, patterns, counting, etc. Dr. Suess is being recognized this month with reading of many of his books.

March 16, 2022: We were so excited to see new faces this week. This was the last day with Dr. Suess and “Green Eggs & Ham” was read. The children were offered green eggs and ham to taste, but only one was brave enough to take a sample. Needless to say, they were not a hit. Colors and animals were the study topics.

March 23,2022: Peter Rabbit was the story of the day; different types of vegetables were discussed, and samples were offered. Seems as though carrots were the favorite.

April 6th & 13th – Stories were read, yoga was taught, patterns were discussed and an Easter egg hunt.

April 19th – Story of the day was “Mouse Paint” discussing colors. The children were excited to be able to select the paint colors they wanted for their planters. Next week they will be planting seeds in their custom planters.

Today was the last day of Storytime. there was a lesson on the American Flag, interacting with music, outside planting, “Making Vegetable Soup” book and drawing with sidewalk chalk. It was hard to pick out the videos and pictures to post. Hope you enjoy them.

On June 2nd our Storytime group met at the Nursing home. Denise read a story and then the children planted vegetables in the garden. Several of the residents were enjoying the children and even a few put together a snail magnet.