Library Board Minutes


Library Board Meeting

April 9, 2019


Beaver County Pioneer Library

201 Douglas Ave., PO Box 579

Beaver, OK  73932


Meeting called to order by Don Gift/Denise Janko.

Present: Don Gift, , Leah Jones,  Mary Lou Reddick.

Kerry Hamilton was absent

Denise went over the monthly financial reports and handed out copies for everyone.

Motion by Mary Lou to approve minutes/reports. Seconded by Leah. All in favor. Motion Passed.

Old Business Discussed:

Denise gave an update on Sales Tax, handed out information about the fiscal year totals so far for the library.

New Business

Discussed possible action for Library to do a float for cow chip parade. Decided we don’t have enough volunteers for the project and conflicts due to Easter weekend.

Discussed possible action to replacing new board members, Motion by  to replace members in District 2 and 3 with Rosie Smith and Jackie Depew. Mary Lou made motion Leah Second all were in favor. New member will start in June 2019.

Discussed possible action to discuss Summer Reading activities. Theme is Space.

Discussed after school tutoring using the table and printer etc. from the ETG Grant for children.

Don Gift made a motion to adjourn meeting. Leah seconded the motion.  All in favor.  Motion passed. At 4:50p.m.

Next meeting June 11, @ 4:00p.m. 2019.