Internet & Computer

Who May Use the Internet Computers and for How Long

The Beaver County Pioneer Library considers the use of any Library computer to constitute an acceptance of this internet policy. Public and staff may use the computers only for ethical and legal purposes.

There will be no right to view offensive matter in the Beaver County Pioneer Library and violation of this will be due cause for permanently losing internet and computer usage.

Internet users are limited to 2 separate 1 hour sessions per day or at the discretion of the staff. When usage is extremely heavy, the sessions may be shortened.

Children age 15 years and older may use the computers without supervision. Library staff is not always available to supervise your child. Please do not rely on library staff as adult supervision.

Children 14 and younger must be supervised by an adult and/or have written permission of parent/guardian.

Any internet user may be asked to finish a session if others are waiting to use a computer.

A sign-up sheet is provided to maintain fairness in order and time of use. All patrons must sign in and out when using the internet computers.

Violation of any part of this policy may result in the user being denied access privileges. Length of denied time will be determined by library procedures.

Students have first priority when working on school work or school projects!

Internet Safety

The Beaver County Pioneer Library cannot control the information available over the Internet and is not responsible for its content. The Internet contains a wide variety of material and opinions from various points of view. Not all sources provide information that is accurate, complete or current, and some may be offensive to you.

The Internet does allow the library to provide information that is personally, culturally and professionally enriching. The library does provide easy links to selected sites which we believe are authoritative and reliable via our Web site.

Safety is an important consideration for anyone who accesses the Internet, but especially for children. It is possible that children could access information that is inappropriate or harmful to them. Beaver County Pioneer Library employs a filter to protect against and to restrict access to this type of information.

Beaver County Pioneer Library affirms the rights and responsibilities of parents/guardians to supervise the choices of their children. Therefore, Beaver County Pioneer Library assumes no responsibility for use of the Internet by children.

Since the Internet can be unsafe and insecure, a child should never request, disclose, use, or disseminate personal information without parental/guardian authorization. All users should be aware that personal information might not be secure. This includes e-mail and other forms of direct electronic communication such as social networking sites.

Rules for Use

  • Users may not tamper with computer settings.
  • Users may not damage equipment, software or data belonging to the library, or to other users.
  • Users may not use their own disks, zip drives in the Beaver County Pioneer Library computers due to the danger of damage by virus to the computers.
  • Users may not install their own programs on library computers.
  • Users may not harass other people, either online or in the library. This includes stalking, libel, slander, and other threatening communications or behavior.
  • The Library does not supply or support e-mail accounts.
  • Users will respect copyright laws and licensing agreements.

Use of the computers for activities such as: hacking, sending, receiving, or displaying of obscene text or images, is illegal and prohibited. OKLAHOMA STATUTE TITLE 21, CHAPTER 39, SECTION 1040.76

All technical efforts are taken to ensure that the county wide area networking and Internet filter are working at all times. However, when severe weather or technical difficulties out of the realm of library staff intervenes, these services may be down for a period of time.