Library Board Meeting

October 13, 2020


Beaver County Pioneer Library

201 Douglas Ave., PO Box 579

Beaver, OK  73932


Meeting called by Denise Janko. Meeting held at the Beaver County Library.

Present: Leah Jones, Jackie Depew, Kerry Hamilton, Rosie Smith. Mary Lou Reddick and Keith Shadden were absent.

Minutes were approved Motioned by Kerry Hamilton, second by Jackie Depew.

Denise went over the monthly financial reports and discussed with everyone.

Old Business Discussed:

Denise gave an update on the New Sales Tax information.

Denise reviewed State Aid update.

Denise talked about the Covid-19 grants the library has received.

New Business:

Discussion possible action to review and update the libraries Policies and Procedures, 2020. Motion was made by Leah Jones then second by Rosie Smith, all in favor, motion passed 4-0.

Discussion possible action to discuss new practices due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Discussion possible action to update the board on the account/donation to the friends of the library for computers.

New Business.

Meeting adjourn@5:00pm

Next meeting will be December 8@ 4:00pm, 2020.