Library Board Minutes

Library Board Meeting Minutes

   Beaver County Library

201 Douglas Ave., PO Box 579

Beaver, OK  73932


Meeting called to Order by Denise Janko on October 11,2022 at the Beaver Co. Library.

Present:  Mary Lou Reddick, Keith Shadden, Rosie Smith, Kerri Radcliff was present. Leah Jones and Jackie Depew were absent.

Minutes for the June 14 meeting was discussed, Keith Shadden made a motion to approve, and Mary Lou Reddick second motion, motion passed 4-0.

Denise read and discussed the recent report of officers, discussed latest sales tax and grant information. The library has received a 2022 Health and Literacy grant. The library plans to apply for other grants as available.

Denise talked about the Annual report and the importance of funding from other sources to make sure we can get state aid. We have to meet a Maintenace of Effort on the report and apply to all state aid rules.

Discussed Storytime, everything is going good with that. Children are learning about fall, colors, shapes and nursery rhymes.

Discussed the fall fundraisers for the library and Christmas on Douglas as Denise will make another annual Giant Gingerbread house. We will have our annual bake sale and craft sale as well.

Denise has a conference in November. The conference will be paid for through a grant.

Discussed house bill 3702, the library called PTCI and made sure the library has a filter in place and policies and procedures that apply.

The newest information handbook for Oklahoma Library Board members is available for members.

There was no new business. There will be a Friends of the Library meeting on Monday October 17, 2022@4:00p.m.

Rosie Smith made a motion to adjourn, Kerri Radcliff seconded. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:45.

Next meeting will be December 13, 2022 @ 4:00pm