Friends of the Library Meetings

2024 Friends of the Library

Meetings will be held on Mondays every quarter or as needed. March, June, September, December 2024.

Contact Keith Shadden, president @ 580-625-3498 or Betty Davis-Treasurer 580-527-1197.

Friends of the Library Meeting

Monday December 11, 2023 – Meeting @ 4:00 p.m.

I. Call to Order

A. Discussion/Approval of the previous minutes 2023 meeting.

B. Discussion about Friends bank account. Treasurer’s report by Betty Davis.

C. Discussion/Action to approve ODL Conference in Tulsa, Ok in March for Denise.

D. Discussion/Action for friends to have the pie by the slice fund raiser at the Rotary Groundhog dinner.

II. New Business

A. Discussion about W-9 and EIN numbers for the Friends of the Library. Make sure all Paperwork in done for the 501 C3 for the library.

B. Discussion/Action to pay Dana Helms for the Library Mural with donations/fund raisers and to pay $3,000.00 for a pergola in the library lot.

Next meeting will be scheduled at a later late. 2023.