Summer Reading 2023

June 1st we began the Summer Reading Program with a great crowd of approximately 50 attending. The program was the “The Upside Down Artist – Dana Helms”. The weather was great, and all the children was given a lesson on creating their own drawing.

June 8th: Another great day of summer reading with the program theme of togetherness. the presenter was the “Mad Scientist” demonstrating how individuals can work together as a team. How individuals control robots. A demonstration on wind flow.

June 15th: The program was presented by the Beaver FIre Department, Game Warden, City Police Department, and the EMT’s. Very informative presentations and then the children got to check out the fire truck, police car and ambulance.

June 22nd: The program was moved to the Beaver fairgrounds due to the weather. Jordan Hilton brought in the animals, a kangaroo, a pony, a rabbit and a hen. The Pell children brought a baby goat. The theme of the program was kindness to animals.